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Right Click Retention is a boutique retention marketing agency based in London, exclusively working with direct-to-consumer eCommerce brands.

Some recent results:
– Helped Paper Shoot Camera add $1m+ in organic revenue within 12 months
– Added $100k for Blondie Boutique in organic revenue within 90 days
– Added £500k & increased organic revenue by 1000% for BRAINGAIN within 9 months

They’ve mastered the ability to bring customers back for repeat purchasers, helping global market-leading brands like Poppy & Pout, Wasted Heroes and Banned Apparel along the way.

Their partners can expect to save 100+ hours per month as we handle the entire process, from implementation to design to reporting.

They believe honing in one area allows for mastery, and that’s why, unlike most agencies, they focus only on one thing — customer retention.

Through their Full Stack Retention System, they’re able to help small, busy eCommerce teams unlock $1m+ from their existing customer base & assets.


• SMS/MMS Content & Copy
• SMS Campaigns
• SMS Account Set- Up
• SMS messages added to existing flows
• SMS Consent Collection
• Reporting/Attribution
• Ongoing Optimization
• Campaign Strategy / Execution
• Automation Development / Management
• Account Audit
• Account Setup
• Template Design



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