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Good Joo Joo is a full-service digital advertising marketing automation agency. They offer holistic marketing solutions for consumer tech, e-commerce and wellness with an emphasis on digital acquisition strategies and marketing automation.

They became a Klaviyo Certified Partner because email marketing is an art. They can help you figure out which email & sms marketing tools are the best fit for your needs. They’ll create, implement, and measure a plan to make email marketing hum like it should.

They work with everyone from app startups looking to disrupt antiquated industries to hustlers doing seven figures on a digital download product to multi-million dollar e-commerce brands. Yep, that’s right. They have the chops to support you at every stage of business. No stone left unturned. Try all the channels. Try all the placements. Test all the audiences. Do it quickly & get your monies worth. That’s their strategy.


• Custom eCommerce Solutions
• Custom Integrations Design & Development
• Visual / UI Design
• Migration Services
• Conversion Rate Optimization
• Paid Social
• Advertising
• Social Media Management
• Paid Search
• Analytics
• Marketplace Services

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