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Instafeed is a tool that allows businesses to display their Instagram feed on their website. Businesses can easily integrate their Instagram content into their website and showcase their brand’s visual story. The platform offers a customization options, including the ability to choose the number of photos displayed, the layout and design of the feed.

Instafeed provides businesses with valuable insights into user engagement with their Instagram content through detailed analytics. By displaying their Instagram content on their website, businesses can encourage visitors to follow them on social media and engage with their brand across multiple channels.


• Allows businesses to showcase their products on Instagram.
• It can sync inventory and content across all sales channels, including Facebook and Pinterest.
• With InstaFeed, businesses can easily embed Instagram galleries directly into Shopify stores.
• Customers can purchase products from the gallery by clicking on the product image.
• Automated hashtag contests allow customers to share images for a chance to win a prize.

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