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Here at Pivotal, they’re a full-service E-Commerce and digital marketing agency, so you could say they have a passion for digital transformation. They act as an extension of your own digital team, helping your business grow and make more money – that’s their dream come true.

The success of their clients is their success; they know it, and that’s why they have rapidly become a respected, trusted name in the digital market.

Our highly-skilled, proactive email marketing department ensures that Pivotal’s partners are getting maximum value from their Klaviyo account – whether you’re looking for a full account set-up, or improvements & management of an existing account. Achieve a deeper connection with your customers through automation flows, A/B tested at every stage to incrementally improve and drive growth.


• Existing set up audit
• Audience profiling and research
• Market research and competitor analysis
• Consistent branding across emails and website
• Professional copywriting services
• Refined conversion flow implementation
• Ongoing A/B testing for optimisation
• Advanced data segmentation
• Full deliverability analysis with a dedicated server implemented
• Fully supported account management
• Bespoke flow mapping – industry, business type etc.
• Email campaigns management
• Campaign templates

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