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Redline Minds is a boutique development and marketing company focused on helping online businesses sell more online.

Their ecommerce consultants help e-commerce and multi-channel businesses make smarter, and more cost-efficient, decisions on technology, processes, strategy, operations, design, SEO, online marketing, and merchandising. Their founders have deep roots in e-commerce and online marketing with more than 19 years of experience. Thus they work smarter and build better stores. They are Austin’s premier, certified BigCommerce development partner and choose it for most stores based on its value and reliability. They also work with other major cart technologies including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Workarea to make the best choice for you.


• Account Audit
• Account Setup
• Campaign Strategy / Execution
• Copywriting
• Content Development
• Template Design
• Automation Development / Management
• Custom eCommerce Solutions
• Migration Services
• Custom Integrations Design & Development
• User Experience Design
• Visual / UI Design
• Brand Development & Design
• Unified Commerce Services
• Technology Roadmap Creation
• Conversion Rate Optimization
• Analytics
• Search Engine Optimization
• Marketplace Services
• Social Media Management

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