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Smartclick is a digital advertising agency based in Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT.

They focus on getting our clients results whether they’re looking for sales or leads and doing so as efficiently as possible.

They’re proficient within Klaviyo at designing, strategizing, creating, testing, and reporting on emails and SMS.

They also are a full service agency that does advertising for our clients on Google and Facebook as well as several other platforms.

They have a full in house creative team that does graphic design, video, copy writing and website design.


• Automation Development / Management
• Campaign Strategy / Execution
• Account Audit
• Account Setup
• Template Design
• Copywriting
• Content Development
• Brand Development & Design
• Visual / UI Design
• User Experience Design
• Paid Social
• Advertising
• Analytics
• Conversion Rate Optimization
• Search Engine Optimization

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