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Weglot is a translation management system that enables businesses to translate their websites into multiple languages easily. The platform integrates with various content management systems, making it easy for businesses to manage translations of their website’s content. Weglot supports over 100 languages, allowing businesses to reach a broader audience and expand their global presence.

The platform offers various features that enable users to customize the translation process according to their needs. Users can choose between automatic or manual translations, depending on the level of accuracy required for each page or section of their website. Additionally, Weglot provides a range of customization options such as language switchers, SEO optimization, and URL structure customization. Weglot is an essential tool for any business looking to expand its reach globally while providing a seamless browsing experience for visitors in different regions.


• Allows users to translate their website into multiple languages.
• It provides a fully automated process for language management and delivery.
• The platform supports all CMSs, with integrations for major eCommerce platforms.
• Enables users to fine-tune translations or access professional translation services.
• Its SEO features help preserve page ranking in search engines and ensure brand consistency across languages.
• There is an adjustable dashboard with collaboration capabilities, analytics and flexible pricing plans.

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